Our Chapter is located in the second smallest country in the world, after the Vatican (2 square kilometers - about 1 square mile). Monaco has 37,000 inhabitants. It is a small, but a very significant country, for different reasons. Here are some of them: it is very cosmopolite (128 nationalities live here), it is the country with the biggest concentration of billionaires in a square meter, it has the most expensive real estate in the world, and, last but not least, has Catholicism as religion of State.

It is a country that has a vocation for philanthropy. Our Chapter has only ten members (it is normal, considering the dimension of the country and the small number of the inhabitants – it is proportional). Most of our members are honorary members. I, as President, finance all the expenses for the restorations. I consider this an important apostolate.

I love the Church and Her capacity of being such a wonderful patron Herself. Yes, She is the biggest patron of all times: what would be Michelangelo, Leonardo, Bramante and many others, without the works done for the Church?

Helping the Vatican Museums to conserve the Papal collections helps us to enter into the eternity. The eternity that only the Church can offer. We must be worthy of Her.



Liana MARABINI, president of the Monaco Chapter of Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums






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